So I passed the 33 weeks mark a couple of days ago and of course I don't want to leave everything to the last minute. I don't like packing last minute, because it really puts a lot of stress and pressure on.
I know I still have more than one month to go, but I rather do it now and add only the things that I really need so I don't need to think about it when the time comes and just make Feti grab the bags to go to the hospital without running around the house to make sure we got everything we need.

In total I will be packing one cary-on and the leather black Kidzroom diaper bag as in the picture above.

The diaper bag will be filled with items for the baby and the cary on with items for me and my dear hubbie.
The hospital I'm going to will provide all little baby essentials like diapers, products and items to wash and nurse the baby, ... so I won't be packing those. I did buy those items but will leave them at home. Let me know if you want me to make a must have list for newborns at home. 

What I'm taking with me

 for the baby:

Blanket with matching beanie
Extra beanie (I like taking pictures)
3 rompers (one fotogenic one for pictures)
A little toy (I will put with her from the beginning so it will be very familiar and comfortable to have it around with her after a couple of weeks)
Car seat to cary her to the car and drive home
Going home outfit ( something that will be keeping her warm, as it is cold outside)

For me

Makeup bag essentials 
Blowdryer (they have one there available, but it usually takes longer for my hair to dry with those)
Button up pajamas
Oversized sweater + tights
Black cotton granny panties
Sleeping Mask
Iphone charger
Toiletries (Facial cream serum,Body oil/buttercream, tooth brush, razor, deodorant, perfume, shampoo, conditioner and bodywash)
Fruit + big bottle of water + healthy snacks
Notebook and pen

For the Hubbie (also in cary on)

Iphone charger
Tracksuit outfit
1 pair of Socks
1 pair of Boxer shorts
Deodorant + perfume