Last days of 2017! Who else is excited?
Today I wanted to share with you my facial nighttime routine.  I have combination skin: I have some dryness on the sides of my face but the rest, especially my T-zone, is very oily. So this skin care routine is perfect if you have normal/oily to combination skin.
I start with cleaning my face with the Demak'Up products because:

  • 100% cotton
  • No alcohol
  • No perfume
  • No fluffy little sticky pieces coming off from the cotton pads or the wipes

When I have everyday makeup on, I go with the orange packaging: the sensitive skin wipes. I love them! But when I have a heavy makeup look with waterproof mascara, lots of foundation and eyeshadow, I go with the purple (expert) packaging.

It's very easy to grab a wipe and seal the packaging back so the wipes will stay moist for a a very long time. The packaging is very compact too so I cary the wipes with me in my bag as well.

 I love how the wipes clean everything in just one go and leave your skin super clean and soft. Usually 2 wipes are enough to clean my entire face and neck.

Yes I know it's not the most flattering thing to see, but look what just came off my face!

The cotton pads have two sides: a soft side and a structured side. the structured side makes it even easier to grab all the makeup left on your eyes and under the eyes. The soft side I use to clean the delicate area under my eyes. I love to use one or two drops of makeup cleaning oil on the cotton pad and gently wipe over my mascara and eyemakeup.

Check out the products and more from Demak'Up here:

Want to watch what I do after my face is completely clean during the evening?
Watch this video and get totally unready with me: