I'm so excited to be sharing with you my first designer unboxing video. 
This video is extra special because it is the first designer bag I bought with my own money.

I had my eyes on the Givenchy Antigona bag for more than 2 years so when I finally made the purchase it was a very special moment, because I have been waiting for it so long.
I waited so long to buy a designer bag myself because I have a ''life goals'' list that I follow gradually from top to bottom. This material list contains of general things you want to achieve/get in your life for the long term(usually) starting with the goal you want to achieve the most and/or first on top. 
For me it was buying my own dream house followed by my own car, company and being able to travel to countries I really wanted to see.

Don't confuse this list with other things like finding the love of your life, because this list is only material.
The Givenchy Antigona bag is a great bag to start with your designer handbag collection. The bag is very simple yet stands out from a far with it's smooth shape and original design. I chose the small size in Calf leather because for me the shiny leather really compliments the shape of the bag and that is what made the Antigona really stand out for me.
It goes with everything I own in my wardrobe from casual outfits to classy looks. I tried both of the Antigona in grainy leather and smooth, because when I looked at the pictures online I couldn't decide.
When I tried them on in person the decision was made very quick, for me the grainy leather made the bag look almost too simple and not looking worth it's price.
I know a lot of people are a big fan of the grainy leather Antigona bags, but it was just not for me. I was very happy though, because I was that even after trying them both on I still wouldn't be able to decide between the two.
I purchased mine from Lindelepalais and they are giving 10% off their entire website if you sign up to their newsletter. The company is trustworthy and authentic and located in Bologna, Italy. Everything was handled very quickly but shipping took 2 weeks to finally arrive.
The customer service is great and when I called them they told me they almost were going to send me the wrong bag and found out just in time and that's why it took so long. 

Watch my youtube video to find out all about the Givenchy Antigona and my first impression of the bag.