Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to share with you my Sardinia post today.
When we first booked our trip to Sardinia we immediately knew, we had to book a car as well.
We did the same thing one year ago in Mallorca, and after that we always hire a car.
In my opinion it is the cheapest way for a comfortable travel and you can go wherever you want and when you want. Read more below.

Spiaggia del Lazzaretto

When you rent a car there are so many stressful moments you can prevent and also why I think it's cheaper in the long run:
No paying hundreds of dollars for a taxi, or wait in the sun for half an hour until your bus comes.
Been there done that and believe me, when you are waiting under the sun with your beach bag and everything for a bus, at that moment all you're wishing for is a car. And at that moment you are willing to give all the money you have just for a car to come pick you up.
You don't have to take a transfer or a taxi to the hotel, but can immediately go the the place that you will be hiring your car from, fill in a form, throw your luggage in the back, fill in the address in the navigation system (we use our iphones) and your good to go!
Especially on an island as big as Sardegna, a rental car is the best thing you can get yourself.

This time we went with sunnycars and they also have an all-in package which is amazing!
Unlimited kilometers, all the needed insurances, taxes are in the price, so you don't need to worry about anything.
When we booked the car, I made a huge mistake: I filled in the wrong dates *oops*.
I didn't even know that I filled in the wrong dates until 1 day before the wrong car rental date I received a text telling us that our car is ready and waiting for us. It was still 3 weeks until our trip and I immediately called sunnycars. They changed it without any problem and I didn't have to pay so called administration costs some companies charge. When we arrived (we were very late) someone was still waiting for us.
Because it was after closing time (23:00 and we arrived 23:05) we had to pay a 45fee extra, which we didn't know.
They gave us a Lancia which was still very brand new and very comfortable. The car was perfect and you drive with a safe heart knowing that if anything happens, you have an insurance.

Me and Feti we don't like the resort life: staying at a hotel all week and only go out to go partying and lay at the hotel pool all day. We like to explore every corner of the country, do shopping like locals and eat the local food. That's why hiring a car is so important to us.

So when we got our car these are the amazing beaches we visited (they are all kilometers apart) and all one of the best beaches of Sardinia. The traffic in Sardinia is awesome too, not many cars and some roads are completely empty. The roads are gorgeous, perfect for a car trip!

This is a secret beach even the locals don't all know this spot. It is very close near Cala dei Pini.
This picture was taken on a sunday, all the beaches were packed and when we kept driving north to find a quiet spot, we stumbled upon this beautiful cove by accident.
We didn't end up swimming here, as there are lots of plants in the water there and we were searching for clear blue water.

 This was by far Feti's favorite beach. Want to know my favorite? Keep reading and scrolling down!

 Spiaggia dela Bombarde

  Spiaggia dela Bombarde

And here's my favorite:

Costa Smeralda - Cala Principe

 Cala Principe

Stintino beach, also my favorite and very close if you stay in Alghero