I was so excited when I received the 2 shades of foundation from Clinique's newest range '' Superbalanced Silk Make Up SPF15 '' in the mail.
Even though it was nighttime I couldn't wait until the next day, so I immediately tried it out in front of the mirror and my skin looked flawless without the infamous '' cakeyness '' that goes on sometimes.
So the next day when I woke up I decided to take some pictures of the foundation and a before and after in HD so you can see the difference.

I got the set with an amazing soft and perfect foundation brush from Clinique which looks amazing with the transparent steel to hold the brush.
I always make sure I have at least 2 different shades, because my skin tone changes ALL THE TIME.
Even if I just spend 5 minutes in the sun it gets tanned really quickly but also on the other side, when I don't spend any more time in the sun the tan fades very quick and faster than most of my friends, which I actually find very disappointing because I love having tanned skin.
So I decided for these 2 shades:
13: Silk Vanilla
15: Silk Nutmeg

So I can either just use one, mix them together or use the darker one, So I always I'm matching with my exact skin tone for an extra natural look.

The packaging is very luxurious and there's a LOT of foundation in there, so you can use this for a very very long time.

So on to the actual foundation, that is of
So I cannot even start to talk about the application because I'm to excited to share with you what I actually think about the foundation itself:

course what most of you guys are wondering about right?
So why?
Well I ALWAYS search for a foundation that makes my skin look flawless without looking like I'm actually wearing anything on my face.
But that's not all, I actually hate that ''foundation feeling'' that you have after. My face feels heavy like I can't breath and at that moment the only thing I would love to do is just jump in the shower and wash all that gunk off my face.
Well this foundation doesn't have that feeling. BINGO!
And like that isn't enough I feel like it is just custom made for me haha.
I have an oily T zone yet very dry on the rest of my face.  This foundation is oil free, so people that react to foundation by getting pimple should definitely consider this one.
So at the end of the day you don't have an not so classy oily face.
It hydrates the skin so amazing for dry skin without making it look oily.
And ofcourse SPF 15.

Can you see the difference?
I decided to add more darkness and shadow to the picture so you can see the difference even more clearly when it comes the smoothness of the skin.
It is extra obvious in my T zone, especially between my eyebrows and on my forhead, can you see how the foundation really smooths out my skin and makes your skin look amazing.
I also felt like it looks amazing when photographed, what do you think?

So How do I apply it?
Very simple I put a very small amount on my brush by dabbing a tiny drop on the brush, or sometimes I prefere to first drop some on the back of my hand and the apply it with my brush.
Even the thick layer (see step 3) already looks flawless and not cakey, and that is even before I've blended it and applied on the rest of my face.

So I'm in love with this foundation and I really recommend it to you!