So as most of you already know, one of my favorite websites to shop at is Shein, because you can find amazing quality items for a fair price.
Customers can post pictures their item on the Shein website and also pictures from celebrities and bloggers wearing the items are posted.
So when searching for an item you can actually find lots of real life pictures from bloggers and customers without being edited and stuff, so you know exactly what you're getting.
I really value that in a website.
So because autumn started I wanted to share some pictures from Shein that I have on my wishlist for this and upcoming season:

I love the wide billow sleeves and the cutout kneck on this checkered beautiful item!

This is a simple cable knit sweater and yet it isn't simple at all.
I love the detailing and the pom poms that are going on.
Simple yet detailed, very special item.

Something about these pants just caught my eye and I love it!
It falls perfectly over her legs, on top of my wishlist!

Grey denim jacket, perfect and goes with everything, need I say more?

Perfect black printed dress to mix spring and winter all together.

Knit and long AND khaki.
all I need and all I want to wear during winter.
This turtleneck top/dress is amazing!

Do you have some amazing items you've spotted, share them with me!
What are the items on top of your wishlist?
And what is your favorite webshop to shop shop and shop :)