Today was a mixture of everything.
Today it was warm but also freezing cold.
It was sunny yet clouded and grey.
The weather felt summery yet not summery at all.
Exactly what the weather looks like when it is about to transition from spring/summer to autumn/winter

So I decided to dress myself according to how I felt: Long sleeves because it was chilly outside, but a miniskirt and white sneakers because the sun was shining and officially it still summer!
The embroidery flowers give the black dress a more stylish and summery effect. And pimp up your whole outfit!

The best part? I got it from Zaful, amazing quality clothing and the newest and most stylish items are to be found on there website!
I got my package within a couple of days including tracking and it was nicely delivered to my doorstep.

What do you wear on chilly - sunny - wintery - summery days ?

Dress: Zaful (type in search: Floral embroidered long sleeve drap dress) // Shoes: Nike // Hair: Leyal Hair // Bag: Chanel Le Boy