Our third and last Honeymoon stop was in beautiful Kas located on the Medditerranean side of Turkey in the beautiful province of Antalya.
It was also the first time I've visited Kas and I was so glad we left Kas and the hotel we stayed as our last stop, as it was the best!

I'm someone that likes to leave the best things last, so you can fully enjoy them and not be disappointed about the things that came before.
Even though I've been to Turkey many times I was astonished when we arrived at Club Hotel Barbarossa.

The hotel and its location are just breathtaking.
The service is on point and we were welcomed very kindly right away. Our luggage got carried to our rooms and all we had to do was walk to our gorgeous honeymoon proof room with a private garden looking over the sea.

The garden included a huge jacuzzi, little cabana with soft cushions to lounge and some seats to get some tanning going on.
The room was gorgeous with a huge bed that you just want to jump in right away haha.
It is very close to Kas centre, a lovely town with a bay area with lot's of things to do.

It was so much fun, we actually regretted that we only booked 4 days at this heavenly place.

The waters are crystal clear and don't forget to pack your swimming glasses as you will regret it if you don't. There are lots of sea turtles around the hotel waters (I spotted 4 in one day) and more beautiful underwater  beings that are worth watching.
Next to sunning beds, you also have cabanas with cozy cushions to lounge in the shade and enjoy your beach time even more.

 The food was amazing. We had the full board option including a limited amount of daily drinks.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner all were amazing.
The pictures below are only a part from what is available at lunch during the day, to give you an idea how varied the food is and how many options you have to choose from.
Dinner has even more options.