So, when I got these sunnies in the mail and opened the package I just couldn't believe it.
The sunglasses are from Polette Eyewear
For this price, the quality is very high!
I love the feeling of the glasses and the subtile tinted glasses you cannot see are tinted, but with a closer look it feels like the glasses have a blue/red subtle undertone to them.
I'm in love with them and they perfectly compliment my face haha :D
If you want to see a picture of me wearing them, check out my Instagram, because I will be posting there soon!
But before I posted on my instagram I wanted to show these pictures with perfect close up of the glasses so you can see how gorgeous they look, already even without wearing them.

So you want a pair of sunnies from Polette?
Click here to go to their website 

I got a lovely sunglasses pouch to go with it, they have several pouches, cases on their website.
And I decided to go with this soft pouch. It gives the set a pop of color and I love the oldscool pattern that is going on.
It is very soft, yet very thick and will protect your sunnies perfectly!