I filmed a huge honeymoon haul today, you can watch the video below!
I cannot believe my wedding is only in 2 months, and I'm so excited (I keep sharing this excitement everywhere on my social media so please bare with me :))
 I wanted to share one thing with you about the term ''honeymoon''.
I would rather not call one specific vacation a ''honeymoon'', I would call every vacation from now on I take with Feti a ''honeymoon''.
The term honeymoon is traditionally explained as an allusion to the feelings of married couples as changing with the phases of the moon.
Why should you only have one vacation in your lifetime where you can be madly in love with your husband and have the most romantic time of your life. Why does society make it look like your relationship with your husband during your honeymoon will be at it highest peak and will never be that high ever again?
Why can you not be forever on your honeymoon?
Even the most famous relationship experts use terms as ''a honeymoon phase'' to describe the most romantic phase in ones relationship that in their and almost everyone else's opinion is at the beginning of your marriage. I'd like to believe my marriage will be as romantic as the first week we are married as it is until the day we take our last breath. 
I would like to believe we will be forever on our honeymoon and our relationship will get better and stronger by time. 
So that's why I don't like to call the vacation we are going on after our wedding a ''honeymoon'', but for lack in other terms, I still refer to it as our honeymoon in the haul below.
I bought some amazing items, and I'm so excited to share it with you! So click on the video below to watch the haul !

(all products and links are below the video)