I got a gorgeous pair of shoes from FitFlop: The F-POP Loafer in color Stone with pebble print.
What I really like about their designs it that they have different patterns/colors of the exact same design of shoes.
It happens a lot to me when I walk into a store and see an amazing pair of shoes, but don't really like to pattern/color.
So it is amazing that you can choose between several colors.

So what makes FitFlop sandals so great?
Let's look at this image together:

So it is amazing for your legs, feet, knees and your back. Perfect if you have any problems, or if you want to prevent them from happening.
While walking the microwobble board, a midsole in your FitFlop shoe, will absorb the shocks and makes sure your feet will feel fantastic!
I wear heels a lot, so walking in these for long distance walks is perfect.
Me and my fiance we walk a lot, and walking long distance in the right type of shoe is crucial.
Sometimes it is really difficult to find a lovely shoe that is great for walking but also looks nice.
Usually it is one way or another: it looks amazing but isn't really great to walk in for a long time, is perfect and comfortable to walk in a long time but doesn't look fashionable.

So today it was raining and cloudy, but it is still summery warm.
So I decided to go with my Fitflops as they are perfect for this weather: warm enough to make my feet feel cozy and summery enough to give it a fresh summer look.
I paired it with a high waisted Black mini skirt, a black casual top, leather jacket and my Chanel Le Boy bag.

I loved this combo and I got a lot of compliments on my shoes and bag, lot's of people really thought they looked so cute together.