Demak Up is doing a Demak Up Detox Water Challenge!
They will start very soon and you can also participate!
All you have to do is go to and insert your email address! They have a countdown on their website so you can see exactly when the detox challenge will start.

I already started and they have some amazing detox waters and facial mask recipes available! 

I love detox water myself and I really needed this challenge.
I'm studying like crazy and these past two months I haven't really been taking care of my body as I used to do! Studying can be so hard sometimes haha

So this detox is the first of many healthy workout days to come as I'm getting married very soon!

What you need:
1 jar
1 pack of raspberries (yummy)
1 slice of watermelon (yummy 2x)
1 bottle of water

And you can start detoxing!
Watermelon and raspberries are full of antioxidants! They help your skin ''fight'' against early aging and help you get radiant and healthy skin!

scroll down to find out what face mask I created with this detox challenge...

What you need:
Handfull of raspberries
2 half a slice of watermelon
2 spoons yogurt
2 spoons honey

If you've finished your water, you can go and take out the remaining fruits in your jar and smash them into a small bowl.
Add the honey and yogurt and wait for a couple of minutes.
After you can remove the mask with the Demak'Up Expert cotton pads and rinse with water.

Let's detox our body together!