Anita sportswear feels so good and fits like a glove.
The sports bra feels like second skin and doesn't squeeze and pinch into your skin with fat coming underneath and above out of it or leave any marks on the skin because it's too tight.
It fits amazing and comes in different sizes.
The leggings are smooth and follow your silhouette for extra comfort.
The socks I wore during my workout from them where amazing too, usually when I'm done with my workout and take off my workout shoes my feet and socks are very sweaty and wet. 
So after my workout when I was taking of my shoes I expected the usual sweaty feet, but instead the socks were not soaking wet (haha) and my feet felt amazingly comfortable.

What I really like about the brand is that they make everything themselves: from the design and first sketch to the final product that will end up in someones closet. 
Every meter, roll of material used to make their products from is inspected. Also before the bras are packed they undergo a final inspection to make sure the bras are 100% perfect to your satisfaction.
And ofcourse very important their products are made out of breathable fabrics.

I took lessons from Christina Hammer who has a gorgeous body and is a German boxing world champion.
I liked the fightclub so much I'm actually going to take classes twice a week there with a female trainer starting this September.
Next week I'm going for my first proof training :D
So excited and very happy to be introduced to this sport, because I love it.
I feel it in my muscles and body and this sport will help you burn lots and lots of calories.

If you want to grab your Anita sportwear outfit go to their website and click on store locator
There you can insert your location and search for the nearest places that sell Anita workout clothing.
They have all sizes (small and the larger sizes are available too), and they have sportswear for everyones taste. Different leggings, shorts, tops, shirts, bras, ... All in different shapes and sizes.