I guess most of you already know, as I haven't really been keeping at a secret on my social media channels.
I'm getting married! In 4 months!

I got so many request to do a video (which I will be doing aswel) but I decided to write this one down as it is going to be a hell of a long post!
But before even getting into my whole wedding thing, I have my engagement in a couple of weeks.
We decided to keep it casual for our engagement party and we are going to have a flower garden party with some food, sweets and drinks.
Both my wedding dress and engagement dress are hand made.
My wedding dress is designed and made by the designers themselves and there is no other exact same wedding dress like it. I wanted something classy yet something new, original and different.
I wanted to stand out, but in a good way and not because my wedding dress looked like a disco ball.
My engagement dress is handmade aswel, but not as original as my wedding dress.
I'm not going to tell you too much about it, as it is going to be a surprise of course.
And even I haven't seen the final result of the wedding dress yet! Because There are still some things that I didn't like and need to be altered. 
Some people asked me if the dresses I'm going to wear are sponsored and the answer is no for the most part. 

I'm going to wear 2 dresses on my engagement party and one of them is sponsored.
I'm going to wear 2 Henna dresses and one of them is sponsored
I'm going to wear 2 wedding dresses, none of them sponsored.

The reason why I'm wearing two wedding dresses is because my first wedding dress is huge, and I'm someone that likes to dance on weddings, so I will be changing in a mermaid fitted one for the last part of my wedding.

My wedding is going to be held in Antalya (Turkey) next to the sea, as it has always been my dream location to have an open air wedding next to the beach. It's not going to be a beach wedding, because I wanted it to be more glamorous. We're having our wedding at the venue of a beautiful hotel. It's going to be a traditional turkish/kurdish wedding with lots of dancing and laughing.

So it is the last day of April and tomorrow (1st of May) I will be starting with my beauty schedule I planned and created for my wedding. There are some things I still want to work on and I want to achieve before the beginning of my wedding:

I gained some weight the past 2 months because of too much studying, too much sitting indoors and not working out as regular as I was. I also started eating a little bit too much (studying law is not much fun).
So by my wedding I want to lose 5kg to achieve my weight goal of 52kg.

Muscle & Exercise
It's not so much the weight I'm exercising for, but more for the toning.
I always have been slim, but never toned. And I want to change that. What can be a beter motivation then your own wedding day?
I will be exercising daily with rest days, but on my rest days I will have some long walks and do some squats. 
On active days I will do min.2 hours of cardio and 30 minutes of muscle exercises.
On rest days I will do min. 60 minutes of walking or relaxing bike rides.
I will be focusing on the squats to tone my butt and do some planking, sit ups and leg exercises too.


Every week I will use 100% organic olive/argan or almond oil on my hair as a mask and let it sit for at least 2h before I take a shower.
I won't be cutting any of my hair even not the ends. Because I love cutting my split ends and I keep cutting my hair (very small 0,0001 inch :P) at least 2 times a month. So I will stop doing that.
I also won't be dying my hair, because it dries out your hair and makes it look dull and unhealthy.
I won't be using too much heat on my hair and will try to stay away from elastic bands as much as possible and use hair clips instead. Elastic bands are band for your hair.

Face & Body
I will be using Latisse to make my lashes longer and thicker. It really works and I've used it before, but it's just too expensive to keep using it the rest of your life.
I will also be using it on my brows as I've had positive results with the product on my brows as well.

Curcuma mask 1x a week (purifies, detoxes, smoothes, hydrates,..) very beneficial herb to put in and on your body. (caution: stains and doesn't wash away easily)

Almond oil face mask 1x a week.

Neem oil face mask 1x a week.

While taking a shower I will scrub my body 1x a week with an organic coffee/oatmeal scrub.
2x a month I will use an arabic hamam scrub glove to remove all dead skin cells and be left with baby soft skin.

After I get out of the shower I will rub my whole body with an organic coconut oil. So I will be doing the coconut oil every day. The residue of the coconut oil will be put on my eyebrows and eyelashes.

No sugar (cookies, chocolate, cake,...) other unhealthy junk food. No cheese and red meat.
One teaspoon of curcuma every morning with some hot water.
Lots of fruits and veggies.