I was invited by ZEB Belgium to attend their Cocorun launch!
I also took some pieces that I fell in love with home: a sportsbra, legging and a crop top.
Their workout clothing is of amazing quality and made out of quick dry material and are breathable (my two musts when buying workout clothing).

You know that feeling when you look in the mirror and put on your workout clothes everything looks perfect but as soon as you start moving all the clothes move or go into a position you don't feel comfortabel anymore? Like a legging going slightly down and giving you the appearance of lovehandles you didn't even know you had? Or a bra that gives you the appearance of fat underneath or next to your armpits? 
Well Cocorun makes all of those problems disappear, and that's why I love it so much. I loved the way my body looked in their clothing and I felt great while working out. I didn't have to pull my leggings up or move my bra to get everything back to its place.

The prints are very original and gorgeous yet simple and elegant at the same time. I'm someone that rather wears black leggings than printed ones. But their prints are very timeless and effortless and after wearing the items I got, I'm going to get me some more printed workout clothing. 

You can get these items online as well! 
New workout clothes really motivate me to get more things done haha :D





Think about these 4 when buying workout clothing