I received the Deauty Box February 2016 edition and the products are amazing as always!
High quality products with natural ingredients.
Like always there are some brands I haven't heard of before so it is great to try out new quality brands.

So let's get started!

Nuxe Prodigieux Douche oil 

91,9% Natural ingredients & Paraben Free.
The oil changes into luxurious foam when mixed with water. It smells like heaven (douche oil must) and makes your skin soft and radiant.
The packaging is also travel proof, but still huge so you can use it for a long time.

NAOBAY Bodylotion radiance

98,84% natural ingredients and 19,16% are straight from bio agriculture.
It combines olive oil, shea butter, Aloe vera and advocado oil.
I wish I had a whole counter full of these! This bodylotion is just heaven, the ingredients are amazing!
And don't even let me get started on the smell and what it does to your skin! A- MAA - ZING!
This product I would purchase more, it's a dream in a bottle seriousely.

UNANI Il luminate exfoliant face cream

Natural scrub.
This exfoliant leaves your skin soft and smooth without causing dryness.
It helps reduce fine lines and redefines skin texture, by removing dead skin cells and mild exfoliating.
Want a babyskin? Use this product :D

COWSHED Kamille refreshing toner

Natural, Paraben & Sulfate free and do not contain mineral oil or petrolatum.
Kamille makes your skin fresh and soft and by adding lavender essential oil it also renews your skin.
Perfect to prepare your skin before using your favorite face cream.
Also one of my favorite products of this months Deauty box.

Lollipops Délicieuse Lipbalm
Paraben & allergen Free.
It is so soft and moisturizes your lips without giving that ''sticky lipgloss'' feeling.
It smells amazing, like vanilla.
You don't get dry lips after using it for a while, so it really mosturizes your lips without making you need it more.
There's also vitamine E oil in it, which also protects your lips from UV and dirt.
The packaging is so cute with little cupcakes on it and candy (exactly how it smells like).

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