I wanted to share some amazing products with you!

I love Benefit and I have been using it for years, a product that I keep buying is their erase paste, it does wonders! 
That was also the first Benefit product that I ever bought! It is of very good sizing so you can do years with just one bottle. 
Let's also talk about the packaging OMG! Gorgeous! I just can't resist the cute packages. If there was such a thing as a ''cutest packaging award'' I would definitely give it to Benefit Cosmetics without a single doubt!
So after my good experience with the erase paste I decided to make a review about the other amazing products from them that I recently got and LOVE.

I will also be doing a Benefit giveaway on my Instagram so check out my Instagram for more or my next post.

If you want to read more about the Best Night Ever Kit go to my next post. 

The writing on the Benefit Beyond mascara is so accurate: ''They're REAL!''.
It is so true, after using this mascara I got some friends asking me if I was wearing fake eyelashes or if I recently got some lash extensions.
My response to them: ''No, They're Real'' haha.
The brush is designed very well, so it separates all your lashes individually and puts a coat of mascara on all of them.  My lashes look longer, curlier and so much more visible.
What also a huge plus is for me is the fact that the mascara stays on your lashes and you don't get those black spots around your eyes.

The Hoola Benefit bronzer is something I've been wanting for more than 2 years. And I finally got it.
It is one of the items with the cutest packaging. It is soo cute you almost don't want to use it.
I use bronzer every single day during autumn-winter and-spring  (if I don't go on a vacation to the sun) so I'm an expert when it comes to bronzers. And this one didn't disappoint me.
So much pigment, no ''orangy look'' and it looks like you have nothing on in broad daylight. Exactly the three MUSTS I look for in a bronzer. It is hard to find a bronzer that has all these three requirements I'm happy to have found one FINALLY.

The Brow Zings Benefit eyebrow kit comes with a cute guide to teach you exactly where and how to use it for the best results. The colors are also perfect! What I loved the most about this kit that is has everything for the most perfect brows. The kit is very small and lightweight so ideal to just toss in your handbag. It comes with tweezers, the guide, two different shaped pencils, a mirror and two colors. I love that is has two colors, since my eyebrows need two colors to look their best and I hated to always walk around with two colored eyebrow pencils. I use the lighter color on the beginning (inside) of my brow and the darker color on the rest of my brow. The dark color is amazing and defines my brow, but I love the look of a lighter color on the inside for a more, vibrant, natural not mature looking look. If I only use the light color it looks to light and not that defined, that's why I love combining the two for the perfect result!
It stays on all day, even after swimming (if you don't rub your face) my eyebrows are still looking nice.

The Benefit Pore Fessional  is ideal. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin and it feels like you're wearing nothing. It minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines for super smooth skin.
You can use it underneath (my preference) or over your makeup.
I only wear it over my makeup for a touchup at an event, because I have very oily skin.

My foundation looks better with this product underneath than without. It makes your foundation not caky looking.