I was sooo excited for Decembers Deauty box! And even more excited after ripping of the packaging to see what's in the box.
Like always, they didn't dissapoint me.
Inside the box:

Garnier Ultra Doux body repair butter for dry skin. OMG this butter smells amazing!  And so ideal for the dry winter months. My legs sparkle and I will repurchase this after its empty.

Batiste dry hair shampoo. This product I've actually used before and I think this brand is one of the best dry shampoos out there. It really helps to get more healthier hair, as I use it for the front sections of my hair to make it look as voluminous as my hair is after it has been washed. So you don't have to wash your hair that often and let it absorb the natural oils from your scalp (sounds weird I know) to get shiny and healthy. 
I'm a huge fan of dry shampoos.

Cattier Nectar Eternel Anti Aging cream.
My mom took this cream immediately the minute she saw it and she loves it. I don't use anti aging creams, as I don't find it necessary, but a lot of people say it's better to start early and prevent wrinkles than to be sorry and late.

Carven L'eau de toilette sample. Smells great. Bottle is half empty while I'm writing this article because I loved the smell and sprayed it on my cushions. I love going to sleep and put my head on a cushion that smells like a little piece of heaven. 

Faby nailpolish. Color is gorgeous. My favorite nude. The nailpolish bottle is a little small, but the quality is great and it dries fast. After classic matte black this one will be my favorite color to put on my nails. Subtle pinkish nude. Loving it.

MeMeMe eyeliner eye pencil in "Cool".
I never have enough eyeliners because i literally use black and brown eyeliners every single day. Amaaaazing quality, even better than the Dior kayal khol pencil I have in jet black. 

My bag essentials:
Makeup Bag: Crazy Haute / Products in makeup box: Deauty Box / Sunglasses: Ivory Eyewear