I was so excited when I received the november Deautybox ! I couldn't wait to open it :D
I loved the products that where in it, my mom stole the Jasmine perfume from me because she loved the smell a lot and it's small en lightweight, so perfect to throw in your handbag.
I've tried all of the products and so far I really like them.
Products that where in the deautybox of november:
Body and Bess Facial scrub: natural, effective, full of vitamins and antioxidants. Best facial scrub I have ever used in my entire life. 
Talika Huile Vitale oil sample: very small bottle, same size as those tester perfumes they give you after buying some beauty products in a shop. 
Vita Verde Natural Vitamine E face whipes: I love these, and cary them in my bag.
T. LeClere Bloom effect curling and volumising mascara: awesome mascara, I love how my lashes look after applying it, but still getting used to the shape of the brush, I prefer straight mascara brushes.
Oral B 3D Luxe teeth whitening paste: you can use after you've brushed your teeth, I use it everyday and it really helps keep my white teeth white, so I don't have to bleach them anymore :D YAY
The Library of Fragnance in Jasmin: Love this effortless smell.
I LOVE the products of this box, some boxes deliver you ''crappy'' products you cannot do anything with. What I love about this box is that it really delivers high quality products with lots of natural products that are not full of chemicals. I'm using all of these products right now and I enjoy using them.  Even after some of these products will get empty, I will be buying them again.
I think it's great, you get to test out a lot of amazing products, and guaranteed you will love them :)